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  • Surface Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizing Wipes
  • D.I. Y. Wipes
  • Industrial Wipes
  • Abrasive Wipes
  • Food Surface Wipes
  • Automotive Wipes
  • Office Wipes
  • Patient Care Wipes
  • Gym Wipes
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  • Printers / Paint Wipe

About Soltex

imgSoltex offers a range of wet wipes for a variety of uses. These include heavy duty Abrasive wipes, ideal hand wipes that provide fast, easy cleaning with the added benefit of portability.

Food preparation wet wipes, which in today's times and hygiene guidelines that are tough, are essential, with these surface wipes, cross contamination is eliminated with a single stroke.

Multi Purpose wipes, thanks to its portability, Soltex multi wipe you can keep clean in almost any industrial environment, from engineering and printing to plumbing and mechanic.

Medical wipes, ideal for the cleaning of skin in areas where no washroom facilities exist. Also we offer a disposable medical wet wipe, designed for the effective disinfection of all surfaces, preventing cross contamination in all healthcare areas.